Backpack Safety for Your Entire Family

Backpack-safety-graphic cypress physical therapy

September 16, 2020 is “Safe Backpack Day” and who better to help keep you and your backpack-wearing loved ones safe than your Bay State Physical Therapist!!

Students and commuters wearing backpacks that are improperly fit or that are overloaded and too heavy are at increased risk for injury. Injury can occur not only from carrying the overloaded backpack, but also from picking it up from and returning it to the ground, and from actions taken while navigating your environment such as with climbing stairs, bending over, and twisting to reach for objects while wearing a backpack.

We’ve gathered some resources that you can use to help identify how to reduce the risks of improperly fit and overloaded backpacks.

While back-to-school looks a lot different for may of us this year, working and/or learning from home isn’t without out it’s own risks to your body. With many employers and school systems continuing to safeguard health, not everyone is well equipped to adapt their homes to an “ideal” desk set-up. The AOTA has also published “Tips for Creating a Virtual Learning Workspace” that provides tips on how to create an ideal environment to promote success for your student.

If you or a loved one is dealing with pain, your team at Bay State Physical Therapy is here to help! Our physical therapists are experts at identifying the root cause of your pain, providing services and care that addresses your symptoms, and educating you on your risks for re-injury and how to limit recurrence in the future.

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