Mid-Back Pain

About Mid-back pain

Mid back pain refers to pain in the “thoracic” spine. This is the area from the shoulders to the waist. Pain in this area can be for a variety of reasons, but typically occurs from poor posture. With slouched posture, your back muscles stretch out and there is increased stress on the joints of your spine.

Pain in the mid back can feel like an ache, burning, or sometimes shooting sensation. At times, pain can even feel like it is radiating under the shoulder blade.

How physical therapy helps:

Physical therapy is very important in treating mid back pain. Our physical therapists work with you to discover the areas of your spine that may not be moving correctly. This limitation in movement can cause strain on the sections above and below that affected area. By improving spinal joint mobility, strengthening weak muscles, and restoring proper alignment, your mid back pain can be relieved.

We provide you with education about proper strengthening exercises and postural techniques to perform at home to maintain your gains in therapy. Call Bay State Physical Therapy today to discover how we can relieve your mid back pain and return your daily activities!