Patient Appreciation Week

To thank all of you for continuing to choose Cypress Physical Therapy as your physical therapy provider of choice, we wanted to do something special for our communities. We are pleased to announce we will be hosting a “Patient Appreciation Week” from October 19th to October 23rd. During this week we are offering FREE 20-minute Quarantine Check-In Screenings for your work from home and remote learning aches and pains. For kids, we will also be offering a FREE Scoliosis Screening. If you think a friend or family member would benefit, we encourage you to have them sign up for a free screening as well.

To show appreciation for our patients and to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month, we will be providing complimentary masks (while supplies last), featuring our new logo, for each patient that comes in for physical therapy or a screening.

Our own observation of our clinic trends shows a higher rate of patients coming in for at least one of these posture and ergonomic related areas:


  • “SHUT-IN SHOULDERS” – Upper back and shoulder pain due to slouching and forward shoulders, sometimes radiating nerve pain (radiculopathy) in the neck and arms.
  • “ZOOM NECK” – Neck pain and headaches related to poor posture when doing computer work.
  • “QUARANTINE LOW BACK” – Low back pain from excessive sitting, core weakness, and decreased exercise.
  • “STUCK AT HOME SCIATICA” – Irritation of the sciatic nerve, stemming from a lack of movement, hip and gluteal tightness, and impaired spinal posture.

With the fall season here and school back in session, now is the time to put the focus on your health and wellness! Schedule your free screening today, so you can begin to work more comfortably from home, resolve your aches and pains, and be ready for a pain-free, movement-filled end of the year!


At your screening, our Physical Therapist will ask you a few questions about your at home set-up for remote work or learning. They will then perform a complete posture assessment of your neck, back, hips, knees, feet and shoulders. Then, guide you through a correct sitting or standing ergonomic set-up and assess any pain complaints that you may have.

You will walk away with a better understanding of best posture and workstation set-up to prevent strain and overuse injuries. You will also learn why you may be having pain, what you can do about it right now at home, and what physical therapy care can do to help.


We will be offering these free screenings at our Cypress Physical Therapy location. You can schedule your screening and your child’s screening here or call your closest clinic to set up your appointment.

Your health and safety is our number one priority, so we encourage you to schedule your free quarantine check-in screening to optimize your comfort and safety in your work from home set-up, and to prevent more significant issues in the future.