“With my experience at Bay State Therapy I have experienced all positives and no negatives. Suffering from severs disease ( when your bones are growing to fast for your muscles so they are always getting pulled on). My ankles and Achilles tendon were always in pain. By the way I’m a kid writing on my moms account. But when I came to physical Therapy I felt a incredible change with my condition. I was able to run for longer periods of time. I was always less sore after everything I do. I am very Grateful that my physical therapist Jen who always motivated me to do better and always had a smile on her face. Also I never got bored of physical therapy and was always motivated to do better than I did the last time. As a result I am more flexible and my legs even got stronger. And Jen also taught me you have to be patient and you have to want to get better to achieve your goal. Thank you Jen for everything for me, I will always remember you.”