“I have just completed 12 weeks of physical therapy at Bay State Physical Therapy, Kingston, Ma. My experience was extremely positive and successful!I have had physical therapy at several other practices and found this experience to be the best. Due to the injury and my physical condition, my Doctor had recommended aqua therapy to start off. Baystate has a great pool and the aqua therapy and swimming provided a great start to the restorative, healing and strengthening processes. I then progressed to regular physical therapy and deep massage therapy. The staff was the key component in making this such a positive and successful endeavor. They include the patient in the strategic planning of their therapeutic program. They are with the patient throughout the sessions keeping your physical exercise at optimal level and appropriate to the patient’s condition and limitations. Rene was my therapist and I cannot say enough good things about her. Her kindness and caring for her patients was only surpassed by her therapeutic ability and professionalism! The other therapists also demonstrated many of these same attributes! I would highly recommend Baystate to any friends or family (and try to get Rene assigned to them)!”