“The receptionist greets everyone with a polite smile gives you the required directions to which work area you will be using today. The Therapists welcomes you, ask you how you are feeling, were there any problems after your last session and proceeds to tell you what activities you are going to do during today’s session. Each activity is explained in full, your adherence to the correct method of the activity is observed and adjusted if required. They always ask you how you are doing, any problems, pain or difficulty performing the prescribed activity? As my problem is balance, whenever I had to do an activity while standing, she was always there standing next to me to be certain I do not fall but encourages me to do the activity without concerns of past problems but only of how the activity would make the quality of my life better for me and my family. My Physical Therapist Jennifer Connell monitored, encouraged and caused me to want to get the skills I will need every day if I want to live it at the max
This was my second session of P.T. Bay State and I can’t believe how I continued to improve and progress to my goal of being able to continue to live my life without any fear of accomplishing things I used to take for granted before my Spinal stenosis started to cause a sundry of problems. I stand, walk, participate in activities I had avoided due to stability and movement difficulties. If you are seeking an establishment to address a problem, I strongly advise you to go to Bay State Physical Therapy as they have a number of locations in Eastern Massachusetts. But I have a special appreciation for the staff at the Kingston, MA location.”