“After several shoulder dislocations (15+), it was time to go under the knife.  I was in a sling for six weeks, and lucky if I could get four hours of sleep per night.  Wicked fun I know. Best time of my life. Two weeks post-op, physical therapy (PT) began.  Originally, I chose Bay State Physical Therapy (BSPT) because of their convenient location (10 min walk from Broadway station in South Boston).  At first glance, BSPT is a small place, but Tim and Justine provide more than enough equipment inside. Both are phenomenal physical therapists and are enjoyable to be around.  They know what they’re doing and consistently make me feel comfortable due to their confidence, sense of humor and interpersonal skills. Over time, it became uncommon NOT to laugh and share stories and/or talk sports while doing my necessary exercises during PT.  In addition, Tim and Justine always address you by your name, which for me goes a long way. Sometimes I’ll slip up and call Tim dude, to which he calls me dude back, just to give a better feel for the atmosphere at BSPT. Point is, they’re highly intelligent and helpful people.  I’m currently nine weeks post-op and can now lift my arm above my head. May sound small, but not for nothing, that’s solid after having four anchors and sutures placed in my shoulder to keep it in place. I won’t be 100% (meaning lifting weights or participating in any sports) for another four months, but every day, thanks to Tim, Justine and their diligent routine(s), I gain strength and mobility back every day.  Overall, I’m happy to have chosen BSPT and would recommend their service to anyone with nagging physical issues. For what it’s worth, I also see Tim and Justine rehabbing individuals with bad knees, necks, backs and other injured body parts. Be prepared to work hard and experience some pain, but know it’s all worth it when it’s said and done.”