Hi Megan,

I hope you are doing well, and still smilin’! I just wanted to tell you how GREAT I feel! I hardly have pain these days. I climb the stairs much easier, and can walk faster with no pain! Albeit not for a long period, but just to be able to walk with purpose is a wonderful feeling. My sister recently said to me as we were leaving a restaurant, how can you get up so fast? (out of the booth, no slow movement/stretching).. I told her Megan at PT!!! I stretch faithfully. It feels good to work through the stiffness…I get out of bed, and get dressed like I used to! I had my doubts PT would help me because I hurt so bad, but boy was I wrong!!!!
A gazillion thanks to you, your knowledge, caring, and wonderful easygoing attitude!
I am requesting you send this to your boss, as I want him/her to know how THRILLED I am to be myself again. YOU changed my life, and gave me the freedom of movement again, that I thought was gone forever…